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Our midwifery practice - Niagara Midwives

Our midwifery practice was established in 1997 and was the first midwifery practice in the region. We have established relationships with other care-providers in the area and continue to work positively with our colleagues. We have had the honour of attending a multitude of births over the years and continue to provide expert midwifery care to new and repeat clients.

The Midwives

1st ROW – Sandy Knight, RN, RM   Rebecca Mills, RM   Julie Dow, RM   Heidi Tailleur, RM   Leslie Stevens, RM

2nd ROW – Megan Olson, RM   Rebecca Hagman RM   Jennifer Gasparotto, RM   Austin Schoonheyt, RM   Emily Beaudoin, RM

3rd ROW – Sam Jones, RM   Justine Schilstra, RM   Monica Wynn, RM   Piera Vandersluys, RM   Brittany Oliver,RM

Our Office Staff

Sandy Knight, RM RN (picture above with midwives) is our office manager while Rachel Bulger (left) and Marci Richards (right) are our office administrators.  Both are here to assist you.

Care during your pregnancy

Most clients will be assigned a team of 3-4 midwives who share your care.     There is consistent care across your midwifery team because of shared protocols that reflect evidence-based research.  If complications arise (during pregnancy, birth or postpartum), your midwives will consult with the appropriate specialist.

Care during labour and birth

One of the team midwives will be with you during active labour, birth, and the early postpartum period, acting as your primary caregiver.  A second midwife will join you and your midwife when the birth becomes close.  You may not have met the second midwife prior to the birth because she is from another midwifery team in the practice or, on very rare occasions, is a midwife from one of our other local Midwifery Practices (Lincoln Community Midwives in Beamsville or Sage Femmes Renaissance Midwifery in Welland).

After the birth

Follow-up care is provided by your midwives at home within approximately 24 hours and again on days 3 & 6. This follow-up care is unique in that midwives are the only practitioners who visit their clients at home during the first week postpartum.  In addition, the midwives are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  So, should you have an urgent concern when home, you can contact your midwife any time of the day.

Comments from clients

From Rosh – 2014 – I cant thank my midwives enough. They gave me great support & care through both pregnancies. They were wonderful. I couldn’t imagine my babies births without them. Thank you thank you!

From Lindsay – 2014 – I hold my midwives in the highest regard! What amazing professionals. I cannot wait for number 2 so I can go back to see them! 🙂

From Jennifer – 2014 – Such a positive and educational experience I had with the midwives for my first baby! Thank you for all your expertise and care!

From Corinna – 2014 – A HUGE thanks to everyone at your practice who helped my little squeaker into the world from pregnancy and beyond. I’ve already converted a couple people to seriously consider midwife assisted birthing. It was my first child (home birth) and I don’t think there was any better way for me.

From Vicky – 2014 – Best experience of my life twice in 1999 with the birth of my son and 2001 with the birth of my daughter

From Julie – 2012 – Happy “International Day of the Midwife” this coming May 5th! You are amazing people that make the miracle of birth such a memorable and special experience. Thank you from the Tapply family!

From Amanda – 2012 – Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!! Colleen especially, for staying up all night and being by my side when I was in labour 🙂

From Monika – 2011 – An incredible group of women! A special thanks to Lindsay for the delivery of our daughter, Adele.

From Mariel -2010 – After experiencing my 1st birth under the care of an OB I was determined to seek out midwifery care for my subsequent pregnancies. Who knew throughout the last 7 years later that I would get that chance…3 TIMES! Each and every encounter and experience with this amazing group of women has been a blessing. Almost makes me want to have another… 🙂

From Angela – 2010 – Niagara midwives have delivered 3 of my babies now. What a wonderful experience I have had with them. Thank you for helping us bring little blessings in to our wonderful family.

From Natasha – 2010 – Having this group of ladies be responsible for my and my son’s care was amazing. They are so wonderful, smart and friendly that it made me feel at ease and made my pregnancy that much better!  I hope for my next child I’ll be able to have the Niagara midwives again! It was a great experience and I’m really looking forward to the reunion!

From Lori – 2009 – Hi!  As you know, I am a big supporter of midwives and midwifery and I want potential clients to know they are choosing well when selecting midwifery care. The Niagara Midwives are a wonderful team and after two foiled attempts, I had my son at home in June and it was — by far — the best birth. I am always in awe of how respectful, knowledgeable and supportive midwives are, especially when you need them most in labour. I had three children naturally and without any drugs and I know I wouldn’t have been able to do that without my midwives. Thank you so very much.

From Carolyn – 2009 – I have always wanted to send my comments about how happy I have been choosing to use the Niagara Midwives when giving birth to the boys. I noticed others comments and thought, TODAY is the day!! I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your wisdom, knowledge and helpfulness, especially being a first time mom. You always respected my wishes and requests, and were wonderful when it came to both deliveries of the boys.  Thanks a million…God has very much blessed our family with 2 wonderful boys and assistance to bring them into this world!!!

From Stephanie – 2008 – Rhiannon just had her 18 month check-up on Halloween. She is 27 lbs and 33 inches long. She is doing well.  Madeleine will celebrate her 4th birthday in 2 weeks.  Thank you so much for making both births such a positive experience!

From Erin – 2008 – Well I have not been on your site before. I love the pictures and the music. Hope all is going well. Maxwell is almost 9 months old now. And the others are in Grade 2, SK, and Nursery School, hard to believe eh?  I will have to drop by some time. I am always reminded when I look at the kids what a miracle they are, thanks for helping those miracles come into this world.

From Sarah – 2008 – Deciding to use a midwife for my first birth was the absolute best decision my husband and I made. It was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend this birthing option to anyone!